Is anyone else feeling the summer heat? The sensation of your skincare and makeup congealing is most definitely not one of the wonderful things about summer, despite the fact that there are many other great things about it. As somewhat of a skincare junkie, I feel like I’ve finally nailed the concept of lightweight products in this damned heat. Here is my rundown of products that are summer-proof for the aftermath of global warming.

  1. Skin Rei’Aya | Urban Shield | £48
Urban Shield is Halal, fragrance-free, ethically sourced, and suitable for sensitive skin.

This has by far got to be my favourite skincare discovery of 2022, and I know what you’re thinking – an oil? In summer? YES.

An energising day serum containing SPF 15 that combats pollution, blue light, and harmful UV rays to provide the best defence against the harsh urban environment, the aim of the Urban Shield is to hydrate, soothe, and protect your skin. This nourishing day oil contains marine bamboo and microalgae extract. My favourite aspect of The Urban Shield is that it keeps me hydrated and also helps fight the effects of ageing for those with that type of skin concern. They use only Halal ingredients that are ethically sourced, fragrance-free, and kind to sensitive skin in all of their products.

Skin Rei’Aya’s Urban Shield provides excellent dermal defence thanks to its many advantages and its gorgeous packaging (which I adore) is a plus in my eyes. If you’re looking for all-day hydration in a single step, this product is the one to use.

2. LANEIGE | Water Bank Hydro Cream EX | £28.47
A deep hydration cream with Green Mineral Water to strengthen the skin barrier, so it stays healthy and strong for 24 hours

Not a fan of oils? I’ve got you. With a strong emphasis on optimal skin hydration, Laneige is well renowned and adored for its plant-based star ingredients. Green mineral water, which is derived from lima beans, artichokes, and brussel sprouts and works to hydrate the skin all day, is a key ingredient in the brand’s Water Bank Moisture Cream. I love everything about it – the packaging and the spatula that comes along with it, that a little goes a long way but I’m absolutely sold on the texture of the product and the cool, buttery feeling of it.

It successfully wards off dehydration and leaves my skin feeling healthy and hydrated without clogging pores (essential for summer products) or introducing shine. If you’re looking for a lovely, cooling, hydrating moisturiser, I definitely advise that you give this one a go.

3. Shiseido | Sports Invisible Protective Mist SPF 50+ | £38
An ultra-light invisible protective mist, ideal for outdoor activities and sports.

Your skin is frequently exposed to the sun, and I know that many of us are guilty of skipping the daily ritual of applying sunscreen. It can be difficult to find a good sunscreen at times because you don’t want to feel sticky, look like a ghost due to the white cast, or simply, dirty your hands. Let me introduce you to Shiseido’s Invisible Protective Mist SPF50+.

The highest level of protection, SPF50+, ensures that you are safe from the sun for a few hours. Full disclosure though, the product has UVA protection, but I’m not sure how much. UVA protection is typically indicated with “PA+,” the more + the better. Although UVA doesn’t actually cause sunburns, it will make your skin darker. Asian sunscreen brands typically offer SPF50+ PA++++, the highest level of protection, while Western brands frequently only offer SPF30 or 50 without the PA+.

It is impossible to see or feel this sunscreen mist on your skin because it is so light and invisible. Spray your body with the Shiseido Sports Invisible Protective Mist after giving it a few good shakes (though I recommend spraying it into your hands’ palms before using it on your face when applying it to your face). I tend to feel cool after application, which is a really nice refreshing feeling. a fantastic sunscreen for hotter days when you want to keep cool and feel protected!

4. Rare Beauty | Always an Optimist Pore Diffusing Primer | £23
A cushiony gel primer that smooths away the look of pores and fine lines, boosts and extends makeup wear, and actually hydrates skin while fighting shine all day.

I always suggest wearing minimal makeup during summer because there’s already ao much going on with the heat. BUT, I do love to put on a primer before I leave the house to give that nice, velvety look to my skin despite the lack of makeup. My new favourite primer has got to be this Rare Beauty primer.

This is the second primer from Rare Beauty, but unlike its illuminating predecessor, this one is intended to mattify the skin and minimise the visibility of pores. Hyaluronic acid, which helps hydrate skin, and green tea extract, which calms redness and irritation, are both included in the formula, which helps reduce shine and prolongs the wear of your makeup without it feeling caked on. With or without actual makeup products on, I absolutely adore the finish of this product on my skin and it has me ready to leave the house essentially bare-faced.

5. Brulée Beauty | Colour Correcting Concealer | £27
Full coverage concealer + colour corrector | Mousse like texture | Dries matte without creasing

I’m really not one for makeup. I grew up not using it because I was more than aware that with my addictive personality if I ever got hooked on it, I would never be able to leave the house without it. I grew up pretty clueless about makeup and went through the effort of testing all types of different products in the market suitable for my skin once I felt comfortable doing so. That being said, this recommendation does not come lightly. For those who aren’t comfortable leaving the house bare-faced, I highly recommend you give this concealer a go.

By embracing the spectrum of South Asian skin tones with the sun-kissed undertone, Brulée Beauty redefines the cosmetic colour spectrum. And they do this in just five shades. How, you ask? Well, this brand goes by undertone and not skin tone, making it perfect for people who don’t want to layer on one product after the other just to look put together.

I love this product for summer because it really is just a one-step product to a flawless face. No more layering colour correcting products or foundation just to achieve that filtered look. You can get that with just this product alone. And when I say this product does not budge, I mean it. You’ll be the one floored at how long it has lasted despite all kinds of crazy weather conditions.

6. Revolution | Superdewy Liquid Blush | £5
Add a hint of tint to your look with the Revolution Superdewy Liquid Blush range.

I love liquid cosmetics, and I think they’re perfect for summer, especially for blush. Your flush may be turning cakey faster than you would like to admit if you’re still using the powdery blush formula. In hot weather, stains last a long time.

These are without a doubt my favourite and the most affordable. With the help of the buildable formula in these liquid blushes, you can increase the intensity of the colour. Revolution even insists that their products are multipurpose and can be used on the eyes, nose, and temples, so you get more bang for your buck. Not to mention the lovely colour shades they’ve come out with (my favourite for us brown-skinned girls has to be the shade Blush Me Up.

7. PERIPERA | Ink The Velvet | £7.65
Go gradated or full-on with this lip tint from peripera. Blended with jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid and marine collagen to moisturize lips.

Summer is all about the stains. The bottle that holds this lip tint is attractively frosted and has a screw-on lid. Because the bottle is transparent, you can see the colour of the product inside and use the lid’s colour as a guide.

The smooth texture of this tint makes it very simple to apply to the skin and lips. Mango oil and green tea seed oil are included in the medium-consistency formula to keep lips soft and hydrated. When you first apply the tint, you’ll notice a strong fruity smell, but it soon goes away.

8. Glossier | Ultralip hydrating shine + color | £14
A blend of 4 molecular weights of hydrating Hyaluronic Acid draws in and holds onto moisture like a magnet for revitalized lips

Looking for something more lightweight and hydrating? Check out Glossier ultralip line. The balmy recipe is exceptional; it has a luxurious, silky feel that is quite relaxing and instantly envelops lips in a nourishing sheen and colour. The pigmented colour is buildable and the moisturising three-oil mix of Meadowfoam, Jojoba, and Watermelon seals in moisture for lips that feel soft and supple. Swipe on once for sheerer coverage and two to three times for a richer look.

9. e.l.f. | Hydrating Coconut Mist | £6
Vitamin-infused facial mist renews & soothes skin

I feel like E.L.F’s products are so underrated but I can’t decide if I like it that way or if I want the product to blow up for what it is. This affordable yet luscious mist is lightly fragranced and immensely hydrating – I find myself reaching for this product regardless of makeup face days.

With thirst-quenching ingredients like Coconut Oil and Vitamins B5 & E, this reviving face mist quickly nourishes, calms, and soothes all skin types. Spray anytime for a moisturising pick-me-up and a refreshing boost or do what I do and mist over bare skin. Great for preparing your face for makeup application or just dewy, bare skin.

These are my must-haves for summer and items I have personally tried and tested. Anyone got anything else to add to the list?