Stray Kids make their long-awaited return with 'ODDINARY.'

Stray Kids are back with a bang, as the octet has just released its much-anticipated anthemic single Maniac for their follow-up to last year’s NOEASY.

On March 18, the K-pop boy group launched their new mini album ODDINARY, and the mesmerising music video for the title tune left fans speechless.

The newly released song expresses the ambition of the K-pop idols to break past the prescribed, conventional limitations.

3RACHA – Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han – from the group’s production team provided lyrics and co-composed the song with VERSACHOI.

The tune, which has heavy rhythms, begins with the group’s leader serenading, “Relax everyone, stop pretending to be normal/ All of your smiles look weird/ When the lock is released, we’re all the same/Your eyes can’t fool me, ho.”

JYP Entertainment, the group’s management company, said a day before the album’s release that it had received 1.3 million stock pre-orders.

This is the most pre-order sales for any K-pop artist on the label. The group’s thunderous record sold 400,000 more copies last year.