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Top 10 Best Beauty Products You Absolutely Must Buy for Summer 2022

Is anyone else feeling the summer heat? The sensation of your skincare and makeup congealing is most definitely not one of the wonderful things...

The Metaverse Has the Potential to Revolutionise Fashion as we know it

Scarlett Yang was one of the designers that participated in the inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week. Unlike traditional fashion week, which is a cognitive overload of...

Luxury sales are surging, pushing fashion’s climate commitments to the spotlight.

Consumer demand for high-end handbags, logo-heavy designer items, and luxurious streetwear soared, according to Gucci owner Kering, whose revenues topped about €18 billion ($20...

6 Need to Know Ukrainian fashion brands; how we can support Ukraine

In addition to the popular Vyshyvanka, there are many designers who are developing Ukrainian clothes. Last year, New York-based global fashion brand strategist Jen...

Everything you ought to know about greenwashing in the world of fashion.

How many people have come across companies that claim to be "green," "eco-friendly," and "sustainable?" Have you ever wondered if these claims are true?...

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