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Saturday, June 10, 2023
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Yasmin here - writer, art lover, fashion enthusiast and wanderer with the attention span of a goldfish. Though I've never been sure about what I wanted out of life, I always knew writing would be a significant part of it. The Iridescent is a mirror of my belief that every person has a story to tell and can vary dependent on the angle, quite literally the definition of iridescent where showing luminous colours appear to change when seen from different angles.

Everything you ought to know about greenwashing in the world of fashion.

How many people have come across companies that claim to be "green," "eco-friendly," and "sustainable?" Have you ever wondered if these claims are true?...

Roti King; the restaurant crushing London’s winter blues.

Roti King a small non-restaurant looking restaurant tucked away on a hidden side road next to Euston station. You could probably miss it during...

Return of Lee Chang-Dong | “Burning” film review (spoiler)

"Burning" a film from South Korean director Lee Chang-dong, focuses on the intense feeling of hunger and how that hunger manifests within the characters...

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