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Yasmin here - writer, art lover, fashion enthusiast and wanderer with the attention span of a goldfish. Though I've never been sure about what I wanted out of life, I always knew writing would be a significant part of it. The Iridescent is a mirror of my belief that every person has a story to tell and can vary dependent on the angle, quite literally the definition of iridescent where showing luminous colours appear to change when seen from different angles.

Forgiveness; the impossible task of letting go

We all make mistakes and we all need forgiveness. When we forgive others, we are not only forgiving them but also taking the burden...

Top 10 Best Beauty Products You Absolutely Must Buy for Summer 2022

Is anyone else feeling the summer heat? The sensation of your skincare and makeup congealing is most definitely not one of the wonderful things...

Heroin Chic; the trend that doesn’t need to come back with 90’s fashion

Ah, Heroin Chic - the bane of the '90s. When the present is dismal and uncertain, we seek refuge in the past, selecting the...

The Truth About Tough Love and How It Can Destroy Your Relationships

Tough love is a term that refers to a form of discipline or punishment where someone gets treated in an honest way, but with...

The Toxicity and Ineffectiveness of Hustle Culture

Ah, hustle culture - my biggest cause of burnout. Hustle culture is the idea that one should work constantly and never take a break....

The Metaverse Has the Potential to Revolutionise Fashion as we know it

Scarlett Yang was one of the designers that participated in the inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week. Unlike traditional fashion week, which is a cognitive overload of...

Stray Kids make their long-awaited return with ‘ODDINARY.’

Stray Kids are back with a bang, as the octet has just released its much-anticipated anthemic single Maniac for their follow-up to last year's...

Luxury sales are surging, pushing fashion’s climate commitments to the spotlight.

Consumer demand for high-end handbags, logo-heavy designer items, and luxurious streetwear soared, according to Gucci owner Kering, whose revenues topped about €18 billion ($20...

The heinous display of racism in the Western media’s coverage of Ukraine.

Much of the western media's coverage of the Ukrainian conflict has centred on the issue of institutionalised racism. Whether we're discussing France, the United...

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