What is the Iridescent?

iridescent.press is a new-media blog covering everything from global affairs to the arts. I like to think that everyone grows from their past opinions and views with a little help from the media.

The blog named iridescent because that’s exactly what I like to think people are; people who descended from ancestors whose views and stories offer a different angle from what is shown in the mainstream media.

The aim is with Iridescent is to be sustainable, honest, fair, and as passionate as a blog can get. I aim to develop and curate content which are leaders in quality and interest.

About the Blogger

Hello, the name is Yasmin – digital marketing strategist by day, blogger by whenever time allows. I’m just another brown girl with a lot to say. I specify brown not because I’ve made it my whole personality but rather I feel that my status as a Bangladeshi has definitely impacted the way I’ve experienced life so far.

The Iridescent reflects the things I love to partake in – from fashion to politics, I enjoy them all. There’s not really much else to add in here apart from I hope everyone enjoys what I have to offer. Let’s all live the life we’ve always desired, let’s be iridescent.